Future Pack Challenge

Rethinking Pharma Packaging in the next 50es

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Future Pack Challenge

Are you ready to reshape the future of pharmaceutical packaging?

Marchesini Group, in collaboration with BOOM, proudly presents "Future Pack Challenge", open to university students who want the chance to showcase their ideas and tools, positioning themselves as pioneers of change in the field of pharmaceutical.

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Registration form

Candidates must fill out the registration form below by December 31 to participate at the Challenge

Participants can apply individually, and after the initial selection, teams of 5-6 individuals will be formed.

I give my consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with the privacy policy .

Why join the Future Pack Challenge?

open doors to a rewarding career in an environment that values talent and innovation
engineering students from all corners of the globe to revolutionize the future of pharmaceutical
Mentors will provide guidance and support throughout the challenge

Content of the Challenge

Create revolutionary packaging solutions, incorporating new machinery, innovative packaging methodologies, product format designs, and enhanced user experiences in pharmacies.

Output of the challenge: a PowerPoint presentation of the prototype 2D solution with details on time saved, added value for users, competitive advantage, degree of radical innovation, and more.

Curious about the prize and challenge timeline?

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Before joining check out the overall regulation and the challenge details

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